Do you have a business website and want to analyze it from the aspect of SEO? Are you looking for the best website SEO audit services to improve your online performance and enhance the customer base from organic search? Then theSEObar is the right solution! Our expert SEOs perform a comprehensive SEO analysis of a website and provide clear recommendations on bettering your resource. 

Whether you need an on page SEO audit, content SEO audit, or technical SEO audit, we are always ready to help you out! The professional SEO audit we offer covers all the critical elements of your site and determines the entire set of points to increase its visibility on Google or any other search engine. Let us conduct a leading website SEO analysis for you right now!



At theSEObar, we serve a wholesome website SEO audit for small business sites of any size and complexity. Whether you operate a full-fledged online shop, have a medium-sized corporate website, manage a conversion-oriented landing page, or have any other site, our dedicated search engine optimization specialists are ready to come up with the best optimization blueprint for your online presence. As the best SEO agency, we offer a handy site SEO audit services aimed at your online growth and development.

Performing a coherent SEO analysis of a website, we ensure you receive extensive materials mentioning your current SEO status, minor and critical issues for improvement, and useful recommendations for entire site betterment. Moreover, with us, you get complete guidance on implementing all the optimization suggestions. 



A professional website SEO audit is a fundamental stage of developing a strong digital marketing strategy for any business. It helps to identify all the gaps and create an efficient plan for their fulfillment. Website SEO analysis is essential if you dream of having a mind-blowing online promotion that brings steady results without spending the budget on paid advertising. Moreover, as far as modern search engines upgrade their algorithms on an ongoing basis, they become more high-end and sophisticated. Therefore, your company website should have excellent SEO tactics to overcome niche competition and continue expanding the business profit.

Every website has things to check for proper search engine optimization. Moreover, plenty of sites have critical issues with the page structure, content, keywords, and metadata, regardless of the quality of texts, website themes, and site engine used. As for the SEO, business websites often lack the right target that interferes with typical visibility and even website crawling. 


Although Google can see and scan your site, you still cannot rank for specific queries as they are not mentioned within the site pages correctly. The website SEO audit services stand for defining all possible issues that affect your website SEO performance. Well-thought-out SEO analysis of a website helps to get a data-driven examination of your business website, understand available weaknesses, and obtain useful material for further improvements to achieve accurate ranking positions.


Looking for a comprehensive SEO audit of website? View out our pricing packages for the best website SEO analysis or get in touch right now!



Website SEO audit services from theSEObar come as a turnkey SEO analysis of a website that covers all the necessary aspects to help you define possible site issues and understand the ins and outs of their betterment. Here is what our professional website SEO analysis includes:


✔️ Thoroughgoing site pages examination;

✔️ Coherent page structure checkup;

✔️ Metadata review;

✔️ URL structure analysis;

✔️ Broken links correction;

✔️ Inbound links examination;

✔️ Website content checkup;

✔️ Website indexing advice;

✔️ Handy recommendations;

✔️ Expert implementation guidance.





We provide a comprehensive site SEO audit report, underpinned with our expert advice and clear guidelines. Therefore, you will be able to fill all the gaps quickly and enjoy a fully-optimized business website that works for you! We also guarantee the highest quality of customer service and provide excellent support 24/7. If you have any questions regarding our SEO audit services or a white label SEO analysis, feel free to contact us by filling a comfy contact form or reach us directly via email. The website SEO audit from theSEObar is delivered within 7 business days with all the guidelines for your comfort.

SEO AUDIT Details Gathering

01 Details Gathering


Our managers will get in touch with you to get the necessary website details once the website SEO audit service is purchased. We will ask you to provide a valid URL of your site and correct FTP details (your hostname, username, and password). If you do not have the FTP access details, you can share with us the URL and login details to the control panel of your hosting provider. We will also ask you to tell us more about your website, provide the keywords you use for your products or services, and specify the links to your corporate pages on social media. This information is essential for defining the primary target of your business. Any other data you feel is necessary can also be added to the email with order details.

Full Website SEO Analysis

02 Full Website SEO Analysis


After getting all the order details, we get started with your website SEO audit. On this stage, specialists from theSEObar comprehensively analyze your business website and identify issues that have to be improved to ensure a steady SEO site performance in organic Google search. We examine your pages and check their indexation status and visibility in SERPs. If some pages are not open to Google crawling, we determine the reasons for that and highlight all the things that should be worked out. Moreover, we check your site from the aspects of on-page SEO, website loading speed, broken links, keywords, meta titles, meta descriptions, page content, current traffic, and more.

SEO AUDIT Report Creation & Sending

03 Report Creation & Sending

Professional SEO services for website from theSEObar stand for reliability and effectiveness. So, purchasing the site SEO audit, you get a full-scale report sent to you promptly and containing a full list of recommendations necessary for fast and seamless website improvement. We check your website as a whole and showcase a complete analysis in the form of an easy-to-get outline with suggestions that can be implemented on the website effortlessly. The provided expert advice can contain the instructions on removing some inappropriate pages, setting URL redirects, enhancing site structure and architecture, advancing site speed, working with on-page SEO, etc. Once the website SEO audit for your resource is ready, we will send it to you immediately. So you will be able to examine the document and start bettering your site for growing its organic traffic. 


Check our convenient pricing plans for website SEO analysis services and pick the plan that corresponds to your demands! We offer the most affordable pricing packages for the SEO audit performed by qualified SEOs. You can also contact specialists from theSEObar in case you need a custom solution. We will calculate the price for your project depending on the amount of work that needs to be done. 





Website Quality Analysis

Niche Keyword Research

Content Quality Analysis

Mobile Friendliness Check

Page Speed Checkup

PDF Report

SEO Recommendations





Website Quality Analysis
Niche Keyword Research
Content Quality Analysis

Mobile Friendliness Check

Page Speed Checkup

Thin Content Review
Competitor Analysis
Advanced PDF Report
Expert Report Clarification
SEO Advice




Website Quality Analysis
Niche Keyword Research
Content Quality Analysis

Mobile Friendliness Check

Page Speed Checkup

Thin Content Review
Competitor Analysis

Sitemap & Robots.txt Check

Indexing Status Review

Google Search Console Audit
Advanced Handcrafted Report
Detailed Manuals
SEO Support


💡 What is SEO audit?

Website SEO audit is the process of in-depth website examination aimed at defining major and minor issues devoted to website SEO performance. Proper SEO analysis of a website covers the checkup of the page structure, URLs, keywords, metadata, broken links, page content, and redirects. It also may include competitors' evaluation, thin content analysis, and detailed user guidelines provision. The result of a qualified site SEO audit is an extensive report containing the full set of bullet points for further improvement. 

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At theSEObar, we believe that an out-and-out website examination can significantly help when developing a leading digital marketing strategy. We combine our extensive expertise in the field of SEO with a creative approach and the latest industry trends to deliver you the finest possible site SEO audit reports that are clear and easy-to-get for everyone.