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Selling online is in high demand nowadays, especially in times of global pandemic. More and more entrepreneurs switch their business to the online mode and make big bets on its constant development. That is the primary reason for the tightened online competition. But how to stay afloat online and continue growing and capturing customers? How to increase website traffic and its relevancy? Here the skillful blend of eCommerce and SEO comes as the best answer. 

If you want to bring your business to new heights these days, SEO for eCommerce product pages, your site catalog, blog, and main info pages is the first thing to consider. It will help sharpen your pages and enrich them with the necessary keywords and content to overcome your niche competitors in organic SERPs. As a result, your online store will beneficially appear to your target audience, bringing you new interested visitors and clients who are ready to make a purchase. At theSEObar, we offer effective eCommerce SEO services and ensure you get only proven eCommerce SEO best practices and strategies implemented on your site pages.

WITH theSEObar


We are a conversion-focused SEO agency providing leading SEO for eCommerce products and sites. The eCommerce SEO best practices and strategies we serve are custom-built to hit the mark and meet your expectations. Offering ROI-oriented eCommerce SEO services, we conduct a comprehensive SEO audit of your online store, evaluate your online performance, analyze your competitors, and gather the best keywords to help you succeed with your marketing goals. We perform a full-proof SEO for product pages, merchandise categories, and the entire online catalog and guarantee to deliver superior results. With theSEObar, your online store will appear in organic search as never before, showcasing your products on the first page and bringing you tons of new clients!

The on-page SEO optimization comes as the most cost-effective path to increase business revenue and enlarge customer base when it comes to online retail and various eCommerce companies. Having a foremost SEO strategy on board, you can expect sustained and long-term online growth and advanced website marketing. Profound eCommerce SEO services we offer come as a complete solution to establish a robust competitive online store and state it on the web efficiently. 

The entire range of our SEO services for website intends to fasten your business in the online market. We use trending techniques to maximize your ROI and optimize your online shop website for search engine crawling properly. Moreover, our experienced SEOs provide a useful eCommerce SEO checklist for you to understand your current gaps better and create a consummate blueprint for further improvement. We proudly serve the best SEO for eCommerce sites to help your online business be on the top!


Professional eCommerce SEO services from theSEObar aim to help you enhance your online store website, boost its visibility in Google, and highlight your brand. Stop suffering from a lack of customers and online orders! We are here to help you compete successfully and keep ahead of the game.



Building an eCommerce website without considering SEO for online store certainly is a waste of money. Regardless of the number of pages your online store has, your potential customers will not be able to find your website, examine your product line, and buy preferred goods without a proper eCommerce website SEO optimization. A multi-page website that boasts a professional eCommerce SEO is a perfect marketing tool ready to deliver you the aspired outcome. SEO wizards from theSEObar provide far-reaching eCommerce SEO services with excellent technical capabilities, transparent reporting, and verified techniques. By choosing us, you always get a premier SEO for eCommerce website!


✔️ Complete online store analysis;
✔️ Site content and code examination;
✔️ Ecommerce competitors evaluation;
✔️ Niche and topical keyword research;
✔️ Long-tail keywords selection;
✔️ SEO content creation;
✔️ SEO metadata production;
✔️ Broken links check and repair;
✔️ Advanced product page SEO;
✔️ URL architecture betterment;
✔️ Structured data recommendations;
✔️ Robots.txt and sitemap maintenance;
✔️ Site navigation and hierarchy advice;
✔️ Full site index, and more.



Our search engine optimization services are tailored for eCommerce websites, in particular, to help business owners increase the number of online orders significantly. The robust, qualified, and super friendly team of theSEObar provides first-class eCommerce SEO services that perfectly meet your requirements. Besides, SEO for eCommerce we serve is innovative, trendy, and in-demand as we know the workflow of search engine ranking algorithms and supply successful and proven SEO strategies only. Learn more about the stages of our eCommerce website SEO and get started improving your website today!

ECOMMERCE SEO Order Details Verification

01 Order Details Verification


Once you decide to opt for exquisite eCommerce SEO services from theSEObar, you can choose from several service packages. And after the order placement, a responsible SEO consultant will get in touch with you via email to clarify some order details and obtain the essentials necessary for fast and seamless service completion. Usually, we ask you to provide the link to your online store website and valid access details to your site admin panel. You are free to give us your own login data or create a new user profile for theSEObar professionals.


The main is to grant full access as our SEOs will need to examine your shop inside and outside. There is no need to worry as our SEO executives do not perform any actions on your website without prior notification. We will also ask you to specify the pages you would like us to optimize with SEO for eCommerce website.

Ecommerce SEO Strategy Development

02 Ecommerce SEO Strategy Development


Once we receive all the details from you, the eCommerce SEO optimization begins. The first stage of our eCommerce SEO service is an in-depth analysis of your website and your niche competition. We conduct a full-scale audit of your page structure, code, metadata, images, and text content. We also examine your general online performance in organic search and evaluate your existing ranking positions. Our search engine optimization specialists then create a report on the found issues and underpin the reporting with a clarification.


The SEO for eCommerce website we perform is transparent, and so we create a separate spreadsheet with the most relevant keywords for the selected website pages. After you approve the picked keywords, we produce evergreen content for your pages and then send it for your review. The service may cover SEO for product pages, your homepage, or any other page related to your online store. 

Online Store Update & Monitoring

03 Online Store Update & Monitoring

We're patiently waiting for your response, and if you are satisfied with the SEO content, we ask you to transfer it to the requested website pages. Together with each page's body content, you will also need to insert the metadata and mark page headings properly, as our eCommerce SEO services do not cover this. Nevertheless, if you need professional help to cope with the content placement, you can reach out to us. Our development experts and SEOs will gladly collaborate to implement the new SEO content for you. As soon as the original texts are placed, and everything is adjusted, we will submit your pages to Google for direct indexing.

Our SEO for eCommerce also includes Google Search Console and Google Analytics integration. We will create valid accounts for you and connect them to your online store website so that you can monitor your site performance on an ongoing basis seamlessly. The best SEO for eCommerce sites from theSEObar is always about excellent results, great reporting, and your flawless SEO performance!


Ecommerce and SEO are profoundly linked, and so it is essential to consider them as a whole when getting started with your eCommerce business. With theSEObar, you can significantly improve your eCommerce SEO and achieve your online business goals by enhancing traffic and sales. Our eCommerce SEO services come in a set of affordable pricing packages suitable for any budget. Furthermore, we also provide personalized solutions if your enterprise website has plenty of pages to optimize.





Online Store Analysis
1 Product or Category Page
500 Words of SEO Content
Metadata Creation
Content Structuring
SEO Adjustments
Store Indexing





Full Store Analysis
Up to 5 Store Pages
500 Words per Page
Metadata Creation
Content Structuring
SEO Adjustments
Store Indexing
SEO Results Reporting





Advanced Store Analysis
Up to 10 Store Pages
500 Words per Page
Metadata Creation
Content Structuring
SEO Adjustments
Store Indexing
SEO Results Reporting
Further Recommendations





Handcrafted Store Analysis
Up to 15 Store Pages
500 Words per Page
Metadata Creation
Content Structuring
SEO Adjustments
Store Indexing
SEO Results Reporting
Further Recommendations
SEO Support


With theSEObar, you can enhance as many store category or product pages as you need as the service line we provide is broad and fully customizable. Thus, if the number of your online store pages goes far beyond the mentioned above, you can contact us to get an individual solution. We are flexible in rates, and so you are assured of receiving the best pricing with bulk purchases.


🔥 What is eCommerce SEO?

Ecommerce search engine optimization, or eCommerce SEO, is the process of in-depth online store adjustment to increase its visibility in organic search results. The SEO for eCommerce websites consists of sophisticated methods that aim to generate relevant traffic to website pages and boost their ranking positions on Google or any other search engine.

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With a white-hat SEO approach, high-end strategies and techniques, and a brilliant team of creatives, we surely know the best way to spread the word about your online store. At theSEObar, we respect your hard work and effort and always go the extra mile to bring your site to the whole another level of online ranking. Contact us today, and we will raise your website in SERPs!